Do Today’s Companies Have to be Completely Transparent?

Global Perspective Barometer 2017

The “Global Perspectives Barometer 2017” shows that the Leaders of Tomorrow, part of the young top talent, live and expect a lifestyle of controlled transparency.

The Leaders of Tomorrow live a lifestyle of controlled transparency. This means they are not calling for full transparency, but weigh what sort of information is useful to share. When it comes to their own profiles, they are careful about what they disclose online to cultivate a professional identity for self-marketing. They are driving the power shift from employers to employees by sharing experiences as employees online and by relying on such employee-generated information in case of a job decision. Moreover the Leaders of Tomorrow believe that companies with a culture in which information can flow freely and where secrecy is the exception will be more successful in the long run. They are ready to contribute to transparency by opening up information about themselves and their teams that is necessary for collaboration. In case of questionable practices in the companies they work for, they are ready to raise such issues publicly but would first give companies a chance to deal with them internally.  

These are some of results the study “Global Perspectives Barometer 2017 – Voices of the Leaders of Tomorrow”. For the study, the Nuremberg Institute for Market Decisions and the St. Gallen Symposium surveyed over 1,000 top talented young people from more than 80 countries.

You can find the full report and the press release below.

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2017 Press Release – Global Perspective Barometer

Since 2010, our global study “Voices of the Leaders of Tomorrow” (formerly called the “Global Perspectives Barometer”) – a cooperation with the Nuremberg Institute for Market Decisions – empowers the voices of students and young professionals worldwide. It is a study on the opinions and thoughts of top talents, the next generation of leaders. The results of this study are published and discussed each year not only at the smyposium but also through media coverage.


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