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We, the St. Gallen Symposium, are the leading global initivative for cross-generational dialogue but at the same time we aspire to train the leaders of tomorrow. By joining the international Students’ Committee, you will be part of a team of 35 highly motivated students who commit themselves to our purpose. Members of the ISC make a huge investment in their own future by being a part of this unique learning experience.

Facts about the ISC

The ISC consists of about 35 motivated students of the University of St.Gallen.

Thanks to professional training, you will become an expert in your own responsibility which will facilitate your Start into a successful career.

The ISC Alumni Network is over 50 years old and consists of 1000 members, many of them are currently leading decision makers.

The ISC is split into responsibilities such as IT, Key Account, Communications and Leaders of Tomorrow.

Statements about the ISC

“The International Students’ Committee was the opportunity for me to get out of my comfort zone and grow as a young adult. As during this period you get to know the other team members from their best but also their worst side, real friendships are formed that last forever. Some of the team members are still my closest friends today and therefore an extremely important part of my life.”

Managing Director France, Bühler Group

“l always enjoy the exchange with members of the International Students’ Committee (ISC) and find it inspiring and fruitful. I experience the members of the ISC as young professionals with manifold interests that are eager to increase their knowledge and network. They pursue a critical but constructive mindset and actively want to foster sustainable progress in a global context.”

Chief Executive Officer, Victorinox AG

“My ISC Experience has taught me how much energy you can activate when you rally everybody behind a common goal as well as the amazing value of excellent teamwork”

Chief Executive Officer, Hilti Group

“They are young, ambitious, self-reflective, and polite – simply professional. Each and every individual plays at highest level. I always enjoy the meetings with these certainly high-class students.”

Chief Executive Officer, Sopra Steria SE

“Three things: mindset, mindset, mindset. For the idea. For protecting and building a trusted space for dialogue. And for understanding that you can only benefit when you contribute.”

Former Head Global Marketing, BMW & Credit Suisse

“My studies at the University of St.GaIIen have laid the professional foundation for my career. But it is the time as a member of the organising committee of the ISC Symposium that has taught me about team work and entrepreneurial thinking. And beyond that, I am very fortunate to still today count quite a few of the like-minded individuals whom I have met during that period amongst my closest friends and companions.”

Chief Executive Officer, Parship Group

“When I first heard about the ISC Symposium I thought they were nuts. How could a group of students invite these high ranking people and they would actually show up. But I learned that people on a mission with a healthy disregard for the impossible can move mountains. Probably one of my most important learnings for later in life.”

Head of Business & Operations, Chrome OS, DACH & Northern Europe

Open Positions


Responsible for managing brand & marketing efforts for the St. Gallen Symposium


Responsible for creating & maintaining the technological innovation at the St. Gallen Symposium


Maintaining Network within a key account of the St. Gallen Symposium


Start February –> event management

Leaders of Tomorrow

Responsible for the community and selection/ participation of the Leaders of Tomorrow

Application Process

1. Learn more about the different areas

2. Hand in your application

3. Interview invitation in June 2022

4. Decision in July 2022

5. Start with the new semester as of September 2022

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